Clean streets


I want to...

  • Find my collection day
  • Book a pick-up
  • Replace or repair my bin
  • Report a missed collection
  • Recycle e-waste

Our teams empty street litter bins, collect syringes and pick up items that have been illegally dumped. They also remove chewing gum, posters, stickers and graffiti.

How you can help

You can help keep your neighbourhood clean and safe by:

  • bringing your bins in
  • booking a pick-up for your unwanted large household items
  • putting your rubbish and recycling in the correct bins
  • reporting illegally dumped material, bill posters, graffiti, used syringes and abandoned shopping trolleys.

Storing your bins

All your bins must be stored on your property between collections, not on the footpath or street. Please retrieve and store your bins on your property soon after collection.

Bins left out on the street or footpath can create safety hazards and cause littering problems if they get knocked over. They are also more likely to be damaged, stolen or lost.

Illegal dumping

Illegal dumping is a concern for us and our community. It is unsightly, expensive to remove and can damage the natural environment and human health. Please report illegally dumped materials in your neighbourhood.

If you have unwanted household materials, there is no need to dump these. Give them to charity or book a free pick-up of furniture, whitegoods, e-waste and other large household items instead.

Bin your gum

Chewing gum dropped on the ground sticks to the footpath and streets. It doesn't degrade over time and it is very difficult and costly to remove. As the gum builds up it makes our streets look unsightly.

Please consider others and dispose of your chewing gum thoughtfully by putting it in a street litter bin.

Cigarette butts

Dumping a cigarette butt attracts heavy fines, particularly if the cigarette is lit. Smokers can instead carry a portable ashtray, use ashtrays on street litter bins or wall-mounted ashtrays outside shops and offices. Make sure your cigarette is stubbed out before you put it in an ashtray or bin.


Sharps, such as needles, syringes and lancets need to be disposed of safely to prevent injuries. Use our map to find a safe disposal location. Or call the Needle Clean-Up Hotline to report used syringes in public places on 1800 633 353.

Abandoned shopping trolley

If you spot an abandoned shopping trolley report it to Trolley Tracker or call 1800 641 497.

Graffiti or bill posters

Help reduce graffiti and illegal bill posters in your neighbourhood by reporting these.


Last updated: Monday, 1 July 2019