Clean streets

Clean streets

Keeping Sydney sparkling

Every day our teams of street cleaners work hard to keep the City of Sydney's roads, lanes and footpaths clean by sweeping and hosing surfaces using as much recycled storm water as possible.

Our teams also empty garbage bins and ashtrays, collect syringes, pick up items that have been illegally dumped, and they also remove posters, stickers and graffiti.

Watch our time-lapse video

Our speedy street cleaners in action on New Year's Day cleaning up from the night before.

Clean streets scenes.

How you can help

You can help keep your neighbourhood clean and safe by reporting the biggest problems – illegally dumped material, bill posters, graffiti, used syringes and abandoned shopping trolleys.

Illegal dumping

Illegal dumping is a big concern for our community because it is unsightly and potentially dangerous.

Dumped rubbish attracts vermin such as rats and cockroaches.

Pedestrians and cyclists can be put in danger if their path is blocked or if they collide with heavy or sharp objects.

Illegal dumping is also a huge waste of resources. Many dumped items – like unwanted furniture and whitegoods – can be recycled or reused.

It’s also easy to arrange a free weekly pick-up of furniture, whitegoods and other large household items and appliances.

You can report illegal dumping by using our online form or calling 02 9265 9333.

Bin your gum

Chewing gum dropped on the ground sticks to the footpath and streets. It doesn't degrade over time and it is very difficult and costly to remove.

As the gum builds up it makes our streets look unsightly.

Please consider others and get rid of your chewing gum thoughtfully by using street bins provided.

Trolleys and syringes

If you spot an abandoned shopping trolley report it to Trolley Tracker. Visit their website or call 1800 641 497.

Call the Needle Clean-Up Hotline about used syringes on 1800 633 353.


Report illegal dumping Report graffiti Report other issue Trolley Tracker

Last updated: Wednesday, 5 February 2014