Register your pet

All dogs and cats must be registered before they’re 6 months old.

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Before you start

✔️Check you live in our local area.

✔️Check if you qualify for a discounted or free registration.

✔️Check if your pet isn’t a restricted breed.

✔️You must be over 18 years old to register a pet.

Choose one way to register your pet

How to qualify for a discount

Fees and documentation requirements

Other requirements

  • If your address or ownership changes, you need to change your pet registration.
  • If you’re moving to NSW with your pet, you see how you’re required to register your pet.
  • When dogs or cats are in a public place they must wear an identification disc on their collar that is engraved with their name and their owner’s contact number.
  • We recommend all cats that are allowed to roam should wear a collar and tag. All cats must, by law, be microchipped.

Payment and lodging documents

Residents can lodge the required documents in 1 of 3 ways:

After you finish

You will receive your certificate of registration once your cat or dog is registered, and where applicable the identification certificate.

Please note: The permanent identification form or a copy of your identification certificate must be included in your submission. Without it, we will not be able to contact you or complete your registration.


The registration fee is a once-only payment and covers lifetime registration in NSW, even if pet ownership changes.


Your registration details will be recorded on the NSW Pet Registry.

Fines for unregistered pets

If you:

The maximum penalty for not registering animals is $6,600 (for subsequent offences). For not registering dangerous, restricted and menacing dogs, it is $7,700 (for subsequent offences).

All the forms you need to register your pet with us

Permanent identification formPDF · 505.3 KB · Last modified
Lifetime registration formPDF · 494.08 KB · Last modified
Annual permit formPDF · 85.29 KB · Last modified
Change of ownershipPDF · 100.43 KB · Last modified
Change of ownership (MS Word)PDF · 100.43 KB · Last modified