Your say on proposed planning controls for the Botany Road precinct

The proposed planning controls will encourage new commercial buildings and affordable housing while recognising the significance of the place for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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Why we’re doing this

Our local strategic planning statement sets out a 20-year land use vision for the local area. It balances the need for housing and economic activities while protecting and enhancing local character, heritage, public places and spaces.

The statement identifies that while we’re on track to meet residential housing targets, more development capacity is required for commercial and other enterprise uses to meet the target of 200,000 more local jobs by 2036.

Revitalising Botany Road precinct is an opportunity to meet future employment demand in the Redfern-Waterloo area and transform it into a vibrant commercial precinct with upgraded and green public spaces. 

The precinct is also an opportunity to increase the amount of affordable housing close to jobs, services and public transport. With the Waterloo metro station set to open in 2024, the planned redevelopment of Waterloo estate and the growing worker population in Eveleigh south, the precinct is well positioned to accommodate jobs growth.

In 2020 we consulted the community on the future of the Botany Road precinct. The community told us it supports growing areas dedicated to employment. We heard that people value green spaces, improved access across the precinct, and recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and cultural heritage.

From local Aboriginal Elders, organisations and the community, we heard that ‘Aboriginal Redfern’ is the most significant and well known urban Aboriginal place or precinct in Australia.

The history and achievements of Aboriginal Redfern should be acknowledged and celebrated, particularly the history of Aboriginal Redfern as a central birthplace for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander civil rights and self-determination. Affordable housing was the most common and urgent need reported within Aboriginal communities.

Sketch of people at a table on a pavement with trees and nature strip between them and a road.
Sketch of wide pavement with stepped seating, trees and lawn.
Sketch of laneway being used by pedestrians, cyclist and a car.

What we’re doing

The proposed planning controls will encourage new commercial buildings and affordable housing. The proposed controls recognise the significance of the place to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and encourage high environmental performance standards for buildings to reduce the effects of climate change.

New laneways, wider footpaths and new cycleways will improve access to the new Waterloo metro station and create more places for tree canopy. There will be green spaces for people to gather and a strong sense of the history of the place.

The new planning controls will:

  • encourage commercial development in appropriate locations to strengthen the economic role of the precinct
  • encourage affordable housing in our area
  • curb shadowing and protect sun access in public open spaces
  • recognise the significant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander connection to the area, acknowledging, respecting and celebrating it as an integral part to placemaking
  • improve connectivity, accessibility and the quality of public spaces
  • require development to respond to the existing surrounding local character and its history, particularly its significance as an urban meeting place for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • protect and enhance heritage, including the identification of 3 new heritage items, an extension of the Redfern estate heritage conservation area and a reduction in the extent of the Alexandria Park heritage conservation area
  • activate street frontages to promote a vibrant main street environment
  • facilitate more housing in high amenity areas less suited to commercial development
  • encourage high environmental performance standards for buildings to reduce the effects of climate change
  • encourage further engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples about development in the precinct

The Botany Road precinct includes parts of Botany Road and Regent, Wyndham and Gibbons streets in Redfern, Waterloo and Alexandria.

This consultation includes a planning proposal to amend the Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2012 and a draft development control plan to amend the Sydney Development Control Plan 2012.

Map of an urban area with red outline marking the area of interest.
Botany Road precinct map
Botany Road precinct mapPDF · 2.18 MB · Last modified

Planning proposal and draft development control plan

Planning proposal contains the background, objectives, explanation and justification of the draft controls. These relate to new incentive height and floor space controls for commercial and affordable housing development, changes to heritage conservation, protecting sun access to parks, active frontages and the creation of laneways. It also includes the mapping of the draft controls and proposed community consultation and project timeline. The planning proposal has been updated in line with the gateway determination.

Draft development control plan contains detailed controls and mapping relating to development in the locality. It also covers the location and form of laneways and through site links, responding to local character and history and encouraging engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples about development.

Planning proposalPDF · 22.29 MB · Last modified
Draft development control planPDF · 13.05 MB · Last modified

Background documents

Gateway determinationPDF · 78.47 KB · Last modified
Council reportPDF · 9.94 MB · Last modified
Council resolutionPDF · 221.47 KB · Last modified
Central Sydney Planning Committee resolutionPDF · 222.72 KB · Last modified
Supplementary urban design reportPDF · 7.76 MB · Last modified
Urban design studyPDF · 279.56 MB · Last modified
Archaeological assessmentPDF · 6.47 MB · Last modified
Statement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander significancePDF · 334.49 KB · Last modified
Non-Indigenous heritage studyPDF · 110.3 MB · Last modified
Air quality and noise studyPDF · 3.96 MB · Last modified
Transport and traffic reportPDF · 2.62 MB · Last modified
Redfern–Waterloo strategic employment studyPDF · 1.67 MB · Last modified
Summary of preliminary consultationPDF · 499.06 KB · Last modified

Next steps

We will consider all feedback and report the results to Council and the Central Sydney Planning Committee.

If Council approves the planning proposal after public consultation, Council will finalise the planning proposal to bring the new planning controls into effect.

How you can give feedback

Consultation closes at 5pm on Monday 13 December 2021.

These are the ways you can provide your feedback.

Feedback may be published in publicly available reports at the end of the consultation period. Your name or organisation’s name may appear in these reports with your feedback attributed. If you would like your feedback to be kept confidential, please let us know when providing your contribution.

Other ways to give feedback

Other ways you can give feedback