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What we’re doing

The City of Sydney manages 48 Crown land reserves including Hyde Park, Wentworth Park, Victoria Park, Martin Place and many smaller areas.

These are special places that help connect our communities and keep our city green.

We’ve developed proposed plans of management to ensure we look after Crown land reserves based on community, environmental and heritage needs.

Why we’re doing this

Under the new Crown Land Management Act, the City of Sydney must develop plans of management for Crown land parks, reserves and civic spaces in our care.

In 2020 we consulted the community on why these places are important. 

People value open, green and natural public spaces in the city as places of refuge and sanctuary that support wellbeing and mental health. They want improved amenities to increase accessibility and support safe, inclusive, diverse community use alongside wildlife and biodiversity. 

People want to preserve the history and heritage of open spaces for future generations, recognising First Nations peoples’ continuous connection to country.

The feedback from our 2020 consultation was used to inform these proposed plans of management.

Community land is land that is managed by the City of Sydney on behalf of the community for everyone to enjoy. Some of the community land we manage is also Crown land.

Crown land is owned by the NSW Government and can be parks, foreshores, civic spaces, ovals and sporting facilities, bushland and community facilities.

Plans of management

A plan of management outlines what the community values about the place, its current and future uses and how it will be managed, maintained and improved.

Each plan of management has the same layout, with content split into 2 parts. Part A describes what has informed each plan. Part B is the operational framework that guides how we will manage these spaces. 

The community guiding principles (section 5), review of the plan (section 7) and general requirements (section 8) are the same in all plans.

Part A – management framework



1. Introduction

Why the City of Sydney is preparing plans of management, the process undertaken to develop the plans and an overview of what the community told us they valued about these spaces.

2. Land description

Site plan, heritage and environmental overview, summary of the community use of the spaces, condition of facilities and list of existing leases and licences.

3. Legislative context

Summary of the legislation.

4. Strategic context

Overview of past planning and management activities and demographic information.

5. Community guiding principles

Principles based on community values that inform how the City of Sydney should approach decision-making activities to ensure that we continue to heal, care, and protect Country.

6. Basis for management

An overview of what the community wishes to protect, conserve, and enhance within the spaces.
The community land categories including a map.

7. Review of the plan

How the plan of management is reviewed and updated.

Part B – management of community land



8. General requirements

Guidelines for specific management activities such as use, facilities funding, leases and licences.

9. Management targets and strategies

The actions and measures proposed for the management of these spaces.

This section focuses on conserving and enhancing assets and current use, achieving environmental outcomes, and respecting and recognising culture and heritage. The actions align with the guiding principles and community values in chapters 5 and 6.

10. Category authorisations

Describes the authorised uses and development activities for each space, and purposes for which the City of Sydney can issue leases and licences.

Belmore Park draft plan of managementPDF · 2.93 MB · Last modified
CBD civic spaces draft plan of managementPDF · 3.9 MB · Last modified
Cook and Phillip Park draft plan of managementPDF · 3.97 MB · Last modified
Erskineville Oval draft plan of managementPDF · 4.02 MB · Last modified
General Crown reserves draft plan of managementPDF · 8.81 MB · Last modified
Hyde Park draft plan of managementPDF · 4.52 MB · Last modified
Johnstons Creek parklands draft plan of managementPDF · 6.93 MB · Last modified
Martin Place draft plan of managementPDF · 3.68 MB · Last modified
Millers Point precinct Crown reserves draft plan of managementPDF · 3.57 MB · Last modified
Observatory Park draft plan of managementPDF · 30.18 MB · Last modified
Perry Park draft plan of managementPDF · 3.01 MB · Last modified
Prince Alfred Park draft plan of managementPDF · 3.62 MB · Last modified
Rushcutters Bay Park draft plan of managementPDF · 3.09 MB · Last modified
Victoria Park draft plan of managementPDF · 3.75 MB · Last modified
Waterloo Park draft plan of managementPDF · 13.57 MB · Last modified
Wentworth Park draft plan of managementPDF · 3.81 MB · Last modified
Wynyard Park draft plan of managementPDF · 4.59 MB · Last modified

Find out more about Crown land in our area and the parks and places that will have plans of management

Community engagement reportPDF · 42.2 MB · Last modified
Crown lands plan of management questions and answersPDF · 605.07 KB · Last modified
Native title fact sheetPDF · 82.58 KB · Last modified

Find more resources that supported the 2020 consultation including a schools kit, a fact sheet on respecting native title and Aboriginal cultural heritage on Crown lands, and a gallery showing some of the ways we use Crown land in our local area.

Next steps

We will consider and report your feedback on the draft plans of management to Council in early 2022. 

The City of Sydney will be seeking consent from the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces prior to reporting to Council for adoption.

How you can give feedback

Consultation closes at 5pm on Wednesday 24 November 2021.

Feedback may be published in publicly available reports at the end of the consultation period. Your name or organisation's name may appear in these reports with your feedback attributed. If you would like your feedback to be kept confidential, please let us know when providing your contribution.

Other ways you can give feedback