Visitor profile and experience survey 2017

We undertook research to help businesses identify possible considerations and opportunities.

2017 440615 FINAL Visitor survey report 8 Jan 2018


  • Our local neighbourhoods cover various commercial day and night-time economies that offer customers a diverse range of products and services.
  • From casual eateries, to high-end dining and retail at all scales, each precinct has a distinct local character.
  • The research looks to help businesses identify possible considerations and opportunities in each area.
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The 2017 survey

The objective of the research was to understand:

  • the types of people who are active in commercial areas across the city over an 18 hour time frame
  • their main reasons for visiting various locations
  • their behaviour when in the area and how they felt about the experience
  • their indicative spend while in the area
  • how they travelled to and from different locations.

In 2017, nearly 6,000 surveys with international guests, domestic visitors and Sydney residents were carried out in our village centres.

For this research study, the 10 village centres were further segmented into 11 areas to identify the different night-time economy profiles in CBD central, which includes parts of CBD north and CBD south.

The overall findings were summarised by village area and scorecards for each area produced.

The scorecards are an easy to read visual summary of the findings, arranged by village centre.

Each scorecard will tell you:

  • the gender, age and household income of people in the area, as well as whether they’re a local or visitor
  • their satisfaction with visiting the area
  • why they visited
  • whom they visited with
  • what they visited for
  • how often they visit
  • how they spent their money
  • how they rate the food, shops, safety, ease of navigation, culture and entertainment in the area
  • how they discovered what to do in the area
  • what they think could make their visit better
  • how they got there and how they were planning to leave

Our overall findings were:

  • Sydney’s inner-city attracts a wide range of visitors from different locations, ages and social backgrounds
  • what people do in each precinct varies significantly between daytime (9am to 6pm) and night-time (6pm to 12am) – despite this, more than 1 in 5 night-time visitors said they would like to see more shops open
  • 3 in 4 visitors said they use online channels to find out about things to do in Sydney (for example, websites, social media, online searches). 

The full report contains more detail on these findings, as well as information on how the different areas compare to each other.