Temporary food stalls

Temporary food stalls

Registration is required

Before you can trade as a temporary food business at any market or event in our local area, or before you can organise an event involving food and drink, you must register with the City of Sydney.

This includes providing free food and drink samples, charity groups selling food and drink, or if the proceeds from your food and drink sales will be donated to charity.

Your registration needs to be completed at least 28 days before you can trade as a temporary food premises and before you can organise an event involving food and drink in the City of Sydney local area.

TFP registration and fees

If you already have a temporary food premises (TFP) number, you will not need to renew your registration with us again.

Your TFP number is now permanent.

City health officers carry out routine inspections of temporary food premises during the year. Your yearly inspection fee will be charged if/when your stall is inspected by the City.

You will only pay the fee once a year, even if your stall is inspected more than once in that financial year.

Last updated: Thursday, 2 August 2018