DA associated works

Consent conditions

When a development application (DA) is lodged with the City of Sydney, conditions of development consent requiring work in public areas may be imposed. The conditions (listed below) may also relate to works on private property that have an affect on the public domain.

Public domain plan

To show proposed works including changes to roads, kerbs, gutters, footpaths, signage, lighting, street trees, nature strips and other public spaces.

Alignment levels

To show existing and proposed levels for roads, footways, forecourts and through-site links.

Stormwater drainage

To demonstrate how water from the development site will be managed (refer to the stormwater drainage manual).

Please note: Stormwater drainage connection information is available for reference purposes in relation to old conditions of consent. It has been superseded by the stormwater drainage manual.

Road design

To show the detailed layout and engineering design for proposed roadworks.

Temporary shoring and ground anchors

A temporary shoring and temporary ground anchors application is required when site excavation requires temporary shoring next to the public domain (with or without temporary ground anchors).

Special conditions

Special conditions of consent are imposed on a DA to cover proposed works that are specific to an individual development or site.

Submissions and approvals

Detailed information about making a submission for these conditions and how to get approval for your works is available in the public domain manual.

Security deposits

Also known as bank guarantees or performance bonds, a security deposit helps ensure the approved works are carried out and that existing public assets are protected during construction work.

Deposits are applied in accordance with the City's schedule of fees and charges.

The bonds that may be requested for public domain works include:

  • footpath damage
  • public domain works
  • temporary shoring of footpaths or roads.

Please note: other deposits related to construction activity such as erecting hoardings may also be applied by other teams at the City.

Sydney streets code 2013

The Sydney streets code provides guidelines and sets the materials and public domain furniture palettes for work carried out on streets and footpaths.

Sydney streets technical specifications

This document is the companion document to the Sydney streets code providing the technical specifications and drawings for streets in the local area.


For further information about public domain works required under a DA, please contact:

Public Domain team02 9246 7575

Last updated: Sunday, 1 July 2018