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Sydney Park

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Wetlands, playgrounds and green, open spaces

Ask any Sydney resident about the first thing that pops into their mind when they hear the name Sydney Park and chances are they’ll tell you about the tall chimneys that rise above the former brickworks site.

The brick kilns have not been used for more than 60 years but the historic structures remain, providing an instantly recognisable landmark in the north-western corner of the park.

However, Sydney Park is much more than just brick chimneys.

The park is on the fringes of the city south. The open space is made of 40 hectares of lush grass, landscaped gardens, rolling hills, meandering pathways and picturesque wetlands. Creeks flow throughout the park and attract all different types of birds. Our water reuse project that created the Sydney Park wetlands has been recognised with leading industry prizes.

There are plenty of spacious viewing decks that are perfectly placed to make sure you can take it all in as long as you like. Sydney Park is popular for weekend picnics and it’s very dog friendly.

A large children’s playground will probably have the grown-ups mesmerised just as much as the kids. The tactile, one-of-a-kind playground includes many different types of equipment that will keep children entertained for hours, as well as several elements that will stimulate their senses of touch, hearing and sight.

Parts of Sydney Park are accessible, such as the playground, some paths and toilets, but it does contain some steep hills. It is home to the AIDS Memorial Grove. The Sydney Park Cycling Centre is within the grounds, providing a space for families to learn about cycling and road safety. Cafés, barbecue facilities near the children's bike track and near the wetlands, and public toilets are also available in the park.

If you’re heading to the park by public transport, St Peters train station is just across the road. You can also board buses that travel down Sydney Park Road, Princes Highway and King Street.

Car parks

There are 4 car parks around Sydney Park:

  • Barwon Park Road (nearest to playground and brick kilns)
  • Sydney Park Road (nearest to cycling centre)
  • Euston Road (nearest to Alan Davidson Oval and Sydney Park Pavilion)
  • Campbell Street (nearest to wetlands). 


Sydney Park
Sydney Park Road
Alexandria NSW 2015

Monitoring Sydney Park

Sydney Park was formerly Sydney's main waste depot from 1948 to 1976, before it was transformed. The City of Sydney took ownership of the park in 2004.

Landfill waste sites like Sydney Park create landfill gas emissions, including methane. Nationally there are thousands of historic landfill sites, while globally there are thousands. 

Methane is an odourless, colourless natural gas produced by the decay of organic materials such as food and garden waste. 

Modern engineered landfill sites capture and manage methane gas. Historic landfill sites such as Sydney Park do not, as standards were different when they were established compared to today. These historic sites release small amounts of methane gas intermittently and readings that monitor methane vary regularly. 

The City has monitored landfill gas readings in Sydney Park quarterly since 2014. We detected some elevated methane levels in July 2016 and notified the NSW Environment Protection Authority, which has been assessing the site since then. 

The City is working with the authority to assess the extent of landfill contamination and to recommend management options.  

Last updated: Monday, 5 November 2018