Planning street cards

Planning street cards

Development history

Planning street cards provide information about historical building and development applications from about 1908 to the 1990s. Until 1945 only building applications appear on the cards. Development applications were not required by law until after 1945.

If a house was altered, extended or underwent a change of use, chances are there will be a street card for the property. Keep in mind though, just because a BA or DA was submitted and noted on a street planning card, it doesn't mean the works were approved or the works went ahead.

The street cards show all the applications submitted to the City of Sydney, even if original files and plans no longer exist. To see if certain records have survived and are available you will have to check Archives and history resources. Ask the archivists for records made after 1987.

The street cards have been separated into sets because they became divided between different councils as municipal boundaries changed. For many decades, the City's local area boundaries covered a much smaller area than now, and it was smallest of all between 1988 and 1994. A set of maps showing city and ward boundaries since 1842 is available online in the Historical Atlas of Sydney.

Each set is arranged alphabetically by the names of the streets in the area covered by the cards. Within each street, cards are arranged numerically by street address. The cards are not always in perfect order so it can pay to scout around within the set. Some streets with lots of cards are subdivided into sections, for example, by odd and even street numbers.

City 1908 to 1928

Records for the City 1908 to 1928 are in series CRS 710.

City 1929 to 1994

This group does not cover areas transferred to other councils in 1968 and 1988. This set of cards is archival records series CRS 533.

South Sydney 1929 to 1994

This covers applications for streets in the area that were covered by South Sydney City Council from 1984 to 2004. All cards in the set for this area date back to 1929, which is a part of archival records series CRS 533.

Newtown 1949 to 1968

The cards for Newtown 1949 to 1968 cover the part of the suburb transferred to Marrickville Council in 1968. The cards cover only the period (1949-1968) when the City managed this area.

Paddington 1949 to 1968

These applications are for Paddington streets in the area transferred to Woollahra Council in 1968. The cards cover only the period (1949 to 1968) when the City managed this area.

Glebe 1949 to 1999

The cards for Glebe 1949 to 1999 cover the period from 1949 (when Glebe was incorporated into the City). The cards were created by Leichhardt Council some time after 1968, so pre-1968 information may not be complete. This set is records series CRS 1099.

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