Tree donations

Tree donations

Greening more of Sydney

The City of Sydney welcomes tree donations from the public. Our tree donation policy has been designed to encourage community participation in the greening of Sydney.

Details for tree selection, planting, maintenance and donor recognition are in the policy, which can be downloaded below, along with the application form required to make a donation.


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Tree donation register

Tree Donor/sBotanic name/
Common name
Planting locationDate plantedTree height at plantingAsset numberReason for donation (if provided)Photo
Belinda Sirio & Alex Di Blasio Ficus rubiginosa (Port Jackson Fig) Pirrama Park 2019-10-11 2m   In loving memory of Axel Di Blasio 18/09/2019. Too precious for this earth but living in our hearts forever.
Sanders Family Stenocarpus sinuatus (Queensland Firewheel Tree) Dibbs Street Reserve 2019-08-12 2m TS39653 In loving memory of Robert George Sanders. He found the unusual flower of this tree very interesting and now others will have the opportunity to enjoy them too.
Doherty Family Zelkova serrata (Japanese Zelkova) Ethel Turner Reserve 2019-08-30 3m  TS39679 This Japanese Zelkova tree is being planted to commemorate the life of our beautiful sister. Jennifer had an infinity with nature, especially trees and it was one of her last wishes. We chose this particular tree because of its origins as this was very close to her heart. May this tree spread its branches and flourish in Jennifer's memory. 
City of Sydney Tabebuia palmeri Redfern Park 2019-07-25 3m TS38868 The tree was planted in memory of a well-regarded colleague and much loved friend Rae Broadfoot.
Ross, Allex and Maisie Ficus macrophylla / (Moreton Bay Fig) Rushcutters Bay Park 2019-06-05 3m TP15556 The tree is to commemorate the life of Tricia Turley, beloved mum and Oma. She loved birds and now they can sit with her, she loved the water and now she can watch over it, she loved Sydney and now she is here.
Hay House Australia Jacaranda mimosifolia / Jacaranda Prince Alfred Park 2018-04-10 3m TS37103 Louise loved trees.
The friends and family of Gabrielle Paul-Douglas Jacaranda mimosifolia / Jacaranda Rushcutters Bay Park 2018-06-25 2m TS36808 Gaby travelled far, but Sydney was always precious to her. This tree is to celebrate what my mother loved and thought beautiful: Jacarandas, Sydney and Nature. May this tree inspire others to love the planet.
Christine Lee, Warrant Lee and Lewis Lee Black Booyong / (Argyrodendron actinophyllum) Prince Alfred Park 2018-07-30 3m  TS36793  To celebrate the life of our beloved Yvonne Angelina Lee. A shining light of inspiration, forever in our hearts
Sybil Moyes Brachychiton acerifolia / (Illawarra Flame Tree) Rushcutters Bay Park  2018-04-09 4.5m TS36809 The tree is in commemoration of David Brooke. He lived and schooled in Sydney. The tree is a way of giving something to a city he loved and regarded as home.
The Malaya Cycle Group & friends Acer x freemanii / 'Jeffersred' (Autumn Blaze Lipstick Maple)  Strong Memorial Reserve 2018-05-21 2m TP15554 In loving memory of Lance, his Ciocc and his three-quarter long blacks
Family of Odette Clementine Shrimpton and Beatrice Lily Mai Shrimpton Ficus macrophylla / (Moreton Bay Fig)   Hyde Park (North) 2018-02-23 3m TP15551 To celebrate the birth of cousins Odette Clementine Shrimpton and Beatrice Lily Mai Shrimpton, May 2016
Family and friends of Gulhan Oryan Ficus macrophylla / (Moreton Bay Fig) Hyde Park (North) 2018-02-23 3m TP15552 In fond memory of Gulhan from all her friends in Sydney, she is greatly missed
Friends and colleagues of Darren Ratcliffe   Syncarpia glomulifera / (Turpentine Tree) The Rope Walk  2018-03-08 2m TP15553 In loving memory of our dear friend and colleague, from all of us at Morton Real Estate 
Friends of Richard Nicoll Jacaranda mimosifolia / Jacaranda Beare Park 2017-09-15 4m   For Richard on his 40th birthday. His smile lit up our world.
Friends of the Barker and Luxford Family Brachychiton acerifolia / (Illawarra Flame Tree) Hanson Cab Place 2017-06-20 3m   The tree was planted in loving memory of Henry Luxford Barker from all of us at Westmead Hospital.
Family of Joyce Toby Ficus macrophylla / (Moreton Bay Fig) Belmore Park 2017-04-27 2.5m TP08173 In Memory of Joyce Toby aka Smithy who was a member of the Sydney Tivoli Ballet.
Erin Kenny Eucalyptus microcorys /
Sydney Park north of Wetland 2 2015-10-09 4m    For our beloved Erin who made everyone feel loved and valued
Women's Royal
Australian Army Corps
Brachychiton acerifolius /  Illawarra Flame Tree Hyde Park South 2015-09-30 4m    To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Princess Margaret Parade
Jessica (Jessie)
Elizabeth Marsh
Eucalyptus microcorys /
Sydney Park west of Wetland 4 2015-09-18 4m    In memory of Jessie, who tragically died on 12 February 2015. Loved and missed by her family and friends
Shan Fu and Shu Shi Jacaranda mimosifolia /
Hyde Park North 2015-06-12 3m    To celebrate the year they lived in Sydney as temporary residents from China
Family and friends of Winifred Violet Zivanovic Angophora costata / Sydney Red Gum Redfern Park 2015-04-30 4m   To celebrate the life of our wonderful mother and grandmother, Winnie
Family and friends of Victoria Richards Angophora costata /
Sydney Red Gum
Glebe foreshore 2015-04-03 4m 2148021 In memory of
Victoria Richards
City of Sydney Eucalyptus propinqua / Grey Gum Paradise Park
2014-05-29 2.5m 2120025 In memory of
Debra Berryman 
Sydney Medically Supervised Injecting Centre Araucaria cunninghamii / Hoop Pine Lawrence Hargrave Reserve Kings Cross 2013-06-22 4m   In memory of drug-related deaths
Friends of Beverly Karonidas Araucaria heterophylla / Norfolk Island Pine Prince Alfred Park (behind Coronation Centre) 2012-12-20 4m 2110029 To celebrate the life of Beverly Karonidas
Family of Luke Fisher Angophora floribunda / Rough Barked Apple Federal Park Glebe
(near skate ramp)
2012-10-22 3m 2060068 To celebrate the life of Luke Robert Fisher 19/2/1981-25/8/2002
Blue Wrens Group Angophora costata / Sydney Red Gum Arthur Paddy Gray Reserve 2012-06-23 4m 1894021 In memory of David Mander-Jones
Family and friends
of Elizabeth O Mahony
Argyrodendron actinophyllum / Black Booyong Sydney Park west of wetland 4 2012-05-17 4m 61143 To celebrate the life of Elizabeth O Mahony
Family and friends of Sonia and Helen Ficus microcarpa var Hillii / Hill's Fig Sydney Park north of wetland 2 2012-04-03 4.5m 61131 To celebrate the lives of Sonia Marra and Helen Tamaki
James Street Community Garden Association Citrus sinensis / Blood orange James Street Reserve Community Garden


1m 61144 To celebrate the official opening of the garden by the Lord Mayor
Yukari Tanimura, Robert Clancy Jacaranda mimosifolia / Jacaranda Victoria Park (near Lake Northam) 2011-04-20 4m 1614408 The tree has been named 'Paco'
Taylors College, Sydney Brachychiton discolor /  Queensland Lacebark Short Street Reserve 2008-12-17 4m 7176 In memory of Elva (student)

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