Social sustainability

Social sustainability

A City For All

Learn about our social sustainability policy and action plan by exploring our 10 founding principles and our vision for an inclusive, connected, liveable and engaged city.

Read about case studies of projects and pilots underway to help us achieve our vision of a socially just and resilient Sydney, A City for All. 


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Socially just and resilient Sydney

A City for All is the City of Sydney’s vision for a just and inclusive city, a socially sustainable Sydney.

10 principles for a city for all

The foundation of our plan and the city for all that we'll strive to be.

Inclusive city

Equality through social justice and opportunity, a guiding principle for city governance.

Connected city

Diverse individuals and communities are socially connected and share common values and aspirations for their city.

Liveable city

Great places designed for people of all ages, enabling the social life of the city to flourish.

Engaged city

People have opportunities to actively participate in shaping their city and community.

Last updated: Wednesday, 21 August 2019