Walking strategy

Walking strategy

Improving walkability

Our first walking strategy will see Sydney become a more accessible, attractive and safer city to explore on foot.

The walking strategy and action plan prioritises key actions to support people of all ages to walk more, while boosting the local economy and the health of Sydneysiders. It is designed to make walking quicker, more convenient, inviting and easy.

The strategy and action plan follows extensive consultation and nearly 100 submissions from the community during its public exhibition.

The City will invest over $15 million per year on footpath upgrades, new pedestrian crossings and additional footpaths to implement the strategy.

The strategy was endorsed by Council at its April 2015 meeting.

Please note: Our walking strategy and action plan is a supporting document to our Environmental Action 2016–2021 strategy and action plan, which is the City's most up-to-date set of environmental targets and actions.

Key actions

  • Creating at least 5km of additional pedestrianised streets and laneways.
  • Improving pedestrian lighting and footpath networks.
  • Working with the NSW Government to reduce pedestrian waiting times at crossings.
  • Investigating and promoting safer routes to schools.
  • Developing events and communication campaigns that promote walking.
  • Upgrading main streets to support the local economy.
  • Creating an integrated wayfinding system across the city.
  • Working with neighbouring local governments to improve walking infrastructure.
  • Making public spaces more accessible for everyone.
  • Taking a ‘people first’ approach when designing new developments and urban renewal areas.
  • Undertaking a walkability audit every 5 years to monitor improvements.

Last updated: Thursday, 13 July 2017