The role of the Lord Mayor and Councillors

The role of the Lord Mayor and Councillors

Serving our City

The role of the individuals (a Lord Mayor and 9 councillors) elected to the City of Sydney Council is broadly to represent the interests of the community.

Role of the Lord Mayor

The role of the Lord Mayor includes:

  • leading decision making at Council meetings
  • representing the views of the Council and local community
  • hosting civic and ceremonial events

The Lord Mayor also performs the role of a councillor (see below) and carries out specific functions that are delegated to the position by the Council.

Role of Councillors

The primary role of a councillor is to make decisions and develop policies that guide the activities of the Council. This role is performed at Council and Committee meetings, where the decision-making occurs.

They also provide leadership and guidance and facilitate communication between the Council as a governing body and the community. 

All Councillors represent the entire local area as the City is not divided into wards. 

Councillor conduct

Councillors adhere to the City of Sydney’s code of conduct and other relevant policies such as the code of meeting practice, and procedures relating to facilities and expenses. The relevant policies can be downloaded below. The councillors' expenses policy can be found on our Policies page.

Lobbying Councillors

Lobbying is the act of seeking to influence issues and decisions made by government officials. The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has produced a guide designed to keep the process fair and protect public confidence in decision-making by councillors and local governments.

You can download the guide, called 'Lobbying local government councillors', by following the link to the ICAC website below.


ICAC publications

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Delegations to the Lord Mayor PDF 134.2 KB Download

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Last updated: Wednesday, 8 April 2020