Live music and performance grants

Support for capital expenditure investments to introduce or improve live entertainment.

Applications have now closed

Next application round opens 2021. There are 2 grant rounds a year.

This year’s grant rounds

About this program

We aim to increase the quantity and quality of live music and performance venues in our area.

To achieve this, we’ve expanded our business support program to include funding for new and existing live music and performance venues, rehearsal and recording studios and spaces for creative production and participation.

The new live music and performance grant provides support for capital investments to introduce or improve related programming.

Funding available

Up to $20,000 matched cash funding for capital improvements to premises associated with live music and performance and cultural production and participation.

The type of capital improvement projects funded under this category assist premises to introduce, grow or enhance the quality and quantity of their live music and performance programming and creative spaces.

Applicants must match the funding requested with a financial contribution including hours worked equal to or greater than the funds requested.

You are welcome to apply for multiple distinct projects, either in the same round or over time. The grants program can’t support projects retrospectively. Please ensure your project commences after the eligible start date.

What the funding covers

Funding is available to existing and new venues for capital investments such as works or equipment that will:

  • help venues manage sound transfer to surrounding properties, or improve audience experience
  • allow a business to introduce new live music or performance programming
  • help an existing venue improve or significantly expand their existing programming
  • improve the in-venue health and safety of audiences, performers and venue employees
  • help activate vacant space for creative or night life uses.


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How to apply

Applications for grants and sponsorship must be completed online.

Application forms are available once the grant round opens.

The below resources and examples can help you prepare your application and supporting documents once the round is open.

Case studies

The following case studies describe example scenarios and how they may be eligible for funding.