Building certification services

Building certification services

Digital requirements

Please note, we have new digital requirements for building certification applications.

Digital requirements
Online lodgements are here to stay

The NSW Planning Portal is accepting most building applications.

Find out which applications need to be lodged online.

Temporary structure applications including hoarding and on-site hoisting must be emailed. Download your form and we'll be in touch for the supporting documents.

Our role

We approve and control building activity on private land and public spaces. These statutory functions include inspecting building works as the principal certifier to ensure regulations, building codes and standards are compliant.

We're also responsible for approving temporary structures such as construction hoardings and scaffolding erected on public roadways and other temporary structures such as stages and marquees associated with community and City events. We offer on-site pre-approval meetings with builders prior to installing hoardings and scaffolding.

Our technical team members are accredited under the Building Professionals and Development Certifiers Act  to carry out the statutory functions of an accredited certifier. This includes entering into a contract with customers to undertake certification work.

Approval requirements

Certain approvals are required before you undertake building works. The majority of development activity in the City requires approval through a development application (DA).

When development consent is granted, a construction certificate must be obtained before work can start.

Some building works and change of building use can be undertaken through a simpler approval process called complying development. In most cases, approval under this system is issued within 10 days. There are many categories of complying development. Works that are carried out without any formal approval are called exempt development. The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment has further information.

Approval services

The City offers building approval services as certifying authority. Under the law we are required to enter into a contract with customers to assess applications, undertake inspections and to issue certificates. If you wish to appoint the City as your principal certifier you must also complete a contract for certification work with your application.

Last updated: Wednesday, 1 July 2020