Your say on proposed planning controls for Oxford Street

The proposed planning controls will allow for greater building heights and floor space in redevelopments if heritage is protected and new space for creative and cultural activities is provided.

Project Status: Closed

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Why we’re doing this

These proposed planning controls will apply to the Oxford Street cultural and creative precinct between Hyde Park in Darlinghurst and Greens Road in Paddington.

Map shows area of cultural and creative precinct from the start of Oxford Street at Hyde Park to the corner of Greens Road. Buildings fronting Oxford Street are highlighted. On the nothern side the precinct extends to include the buildings bordered by Burton and Palmer streets and the National Art School between Forbes Street and Darlinghurst Road to Burton Street. On the southern side the precinct extends at Taylor Square along Bourke Street to Short Street, and along Greens Road to Albion Avenue.
Map of the Oxford Street cultural and creative precinct

In 2020 we consulted our communities on ways to revitalise Oxford Street while recognising its cultural and community significance.

The proposed controls allow for greater height and floor space. They protect heritage items, public spaces and local character. They also create more space for creative and cultural activities.

The new planning controls:

  • retain existing entertainment, creative and cultural floor space
  • encourage new creative and cultural activity by allowing extra floor space and height on existing buildings
  • encourage entertainment floor space at basement levels
  • protect the fabric, features and structural integrity of heritage items and provide appropriate upper level setbacks
  • promote more activities in commercial developments and support the night-time economy
  • do not apply to residential development to reduce conflicts
  • allow extra uses at the National Art School to support its continued educational and cultural role and increase the range of commercial and entertainment activities
  • increase the floor-space ratio at the National Art School to support its growth
  • promote uses at street level to attract passersby balanced with the need to service sites
  • require large sites to activate laneways with small retail and food and drink businesses, opportunities for art and better experiences for people walking
  • promote food and drink premises fronting key public spaces
  • expand the Oxford Street heritage conservation area to include 276–278 Crown Street.

This consultation includes a planning proposal to amend the Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2012, and a draft development control plan to amend the Sydney Development Control Plan 2012.

We’re also asking for feedback on increased heights for buildings facing Taylor Square. Find out more about the options for Taylor Square.

Proposed planning controls

  1. Planning proposal contains the background, objectives, explanation and justification of the draft controls. These relate to increased alternative height and floor space controls, retention of existing cultural and creative floor space and changes to the permitted uses and floor space controls at the National Art School. It also includes the mapping of the draft controls and proposed community consultation and project timeline. The planning proposal has been updated in accordance with the Gateway Determination. 
  2. Draft development control plan contains detailed controls and mapping relating to development in the locality, cultural and creative floor space, development fronting Taylor Square and public spaces. It also covers heritage conservation, built form and design, active frontages and street level tenancy design, development fronting laneways and spatial requirements for creative spaces.
Planning proposalPDF · 11.08 MB · Last modified

Oxford Street cultural and creative precinct

Draft development control planPDF · 5.01 MB · Last modified

Oxford Street cultural and creative precinct

These documents provide background to the proposals. 
Gateway determinationPDF · 123.83 KB · Last modified
Alteration of GatewayPDF · 114.12 KB · Last modified
Transport, Heritage and Planning Committee reportPDF · 922.19 KB · Last modified
Information relevant to planning proposal for CouncilPDF · 224.86 KB · Last modified
Central Sydney Planning Committee reportPDF · 875.43 KB · Last modified
Council resolutionPDF · 184.26 KB · Last modified
Central Sydney Planning Committee resolutionPDF · 139.14 KB · Last modified
Oxford Street early consultation engagement reportPDF · 4.35 MB · Last modified
Oxford Street urban design study – part 1PDF · 22.35 MB · Last modified
Oxford Street urban design study – part 2PDF · 21.29 MB · Last modified
Oxford Street urban design study – part 3PDF · 21.73 MB · Last modified
Oxford Street urban design study – part 4PDF · 22.05 MB · Last modified
Oxford Street urban design study – part 5PDF · 23.44 MB · Last modified
Oxford Street heritage studyPDF · 25.41 MB · Last modified
Oxford Street cultural activity studyPDF · 7.63 MB · Last modified
Oxford Street floor space supply and demand studyPDF · 3.26 MB · Last modified

Next steps

We will consider and report your feedback on the planning proposal to Council in early 2022.

We will work with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment to publish the new planning controls by mid-2022.

How you can give feedback

Consultation closes at 5pm on Friday 5 November 2021.

There are 3 ways you can be involved and provide us with your feedback:

Feedback may be published in publicly available reports at the end of the consultation period. Your name or organisation’s name may appear in these reports with your feedback attributed. If you would like your feedback to be kept confidential, please let us know when making your contribution.

Other ways to give feedback

Other ways you can give feedback