Holding outdoor events

Holding outdoor events

Our parks and open spaces

You can apply to hold temporary events and wedding ceremonies or book a sports event at one of our parks and open spaces.

We can help you complete the application and determine if your chosen location and date are available.

Small gatherings

You don't need to apply to hold picnics or small gatherings as long as you don't bring large items such as private marquees or jumping castles.

You can't book public barbecues. No private barbecues, small fires or naked flames are allowed in our parks and open spaces.

No vehicles are allowed in our parks and open spaces without approval from us.

Temporary events

You must apply to hold a temporary event in our parks and open spaces.

Examples of temporary events include festivals, street parades, charitable collections, sporting or team events, commercial activities and product sampling that engages the public.

Most temporary outdoor events running for up to 30 days do not need further planning approval. This includes events that use structures such as marquees, stages, signs and operational infrastructure.

Some temporary events can run for 52 days without needing further planning approval.

If you want to hold a temporary event, you will need to

  • complete an event application form
  • provide a copy of your associated public liability insurance certificate.

Depending on the scale and type of event, you may need to provide more information.

Our event guidelines set out your responsibilities as an event organiser and the information you may need to provide for certain events.

Outdoor wedding ceremonies

You can book a wedding ceremony at one of our parks and open spaces. These are booked in 3-hour blocks and we allow half an hour between each booking.

You can bring up to 30 chairs, a carpet and 1 table into the booked space. However, you cannot bring catering, additional infrastructure or vehicles into the space.

If you book a park with a rotunda, you have exclusive use of the rotunda during your booking. You do not have private use of the rest of the park or open space and these areas remain open to the general public.

Wedding ceremonies aren’t permitted in Paddington Reservoir Gardens.

You do not need a permit or approval to take wedding photos on the same day as the ceremony.

Fill out our park/open space booking application – weddings form to apply.

Sports bookings

You can book City of Sydney sporting grounds using the sports field application form.

We do not take bookings for tennis courts.

Read more about our sports facilities, including details on different grounds and daily wet weather closures.

Fees and charges

See our fees and charges for outdoor venue hire.


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Last updated: Monday, 27 April 2020