Open access information

We must disclose open access information unless it’s not in the public interest to do so.


City of Sydney policies

View our policy register.

You can also view the councillors’ expenses policy and our code of conduct.

We publish councillors’ expenditure reports every 3 months.

Disclosure log

Under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009, our disclosure log is updated after certain access applications have been decided. The log provides details of information we've released that may be of interest to other members of the public.

Disclosure logPDF · 150.46 KB · Last modified

Contracts awarded

See contracts awarded valued at or worth more than $150,000.

How our meetings are conducted

Please visit our code of meeting practice and a guide to Council decision-making pages.

Reports about what we do

You can view reports about what we do at our annual report and integrated planning and reporting pages.

Filming and photography

Please visit our filming and photography page for further information.

Council meetings

More information about council meetings and committees.

Register of investments

Download our register of investments.

Register of investmentsPDF · 996.22 KB · Last modified

Register of political donation disclosures

View the register of copies of current declarations of disclosures of political donations lodged with the NSW Electoral Commission. The declarations are made by or on behalf of councillors (including in their capacity as candidates for election as councillors).

Note that you are required to search the register by financial year, then by councillor or candidate or party or political donor or other.


Please visit our graffiti page for relevant policies.

How the Council’s powers are awarded

View the delegations of the Council to the Lord Mayor, delegations from the Council to the CEO and delegations from the CEO to staff.

Planning and development

Our development application and planning controls pages have more information.

We keep a register of voting on planning matters at Council and Central Sydney Planning Committee meetings. If you would like to view the register, please contact the Manager Governance.

Land register

Download our land register for a schedule of all land vested in Council’s ownership, care, control and management in line with section 53 of the Local Government Act

Land register (December 2023)PDF · 1.51 MB · Last modified

Pecuniary interest

The register of pecuniary interest declarations is available for inspection. Please lodge a request for City records if you would like to view the register.

Pecuniary interest returns lodged by councillors and designated staff are available for inspection.

Open access information not made available

Where the open access information the City holds contains personal information, the personal information may not be made publicly available, if the City considers that there would be an overriding public interest against its disclosure. For example the City withholds the signatures and principal address information of staff members where they appear on pecuniary interest statements.

(Under section 6(5) of the Government Information (Public Access) Act the City must keep a record of the open access information (if any) that it does not make publicly available on the basis of an overriding public interest against disclosure. The record is to indicate only the general nature of the information concerned.)

Plans of management

You can view the plans of management for our parks. For all other community spaces, please lodge a request for City records.

Building certificates

For details regarding the records of building certificates, please lodge a request for City records.

Compulsory acquisition

Please lodge a request for City records for details regarding compulsory acquisition.