Green Square town centre streets network

Tree-lined boulevards, extra-wide footpaths and elegant bronze street furniture are transforming the heart of Green Square into a people-friendly destination.

The City has worked closely with utility companies, transport providers, commercial developers, the City’s expert design advisory panel and local residents and businesses to develop and refine the street network designs for the Green Square town centre.

Hundreds of new street trees, self-watering raingardens, bright LED lights and wayfinding signs highlighting the history of Green Square will make the area greener, safer and more attractive.

Works started in mid-2016 and will continue over the next 5 years as the rest of the town centre is developed.

Plans include creating several new streets, along with upgrades to existing streets.

People walking and riding bikes are being prioritised with pedestrian-only zones, separated cycleways and low-speed streets. Check out the map of cycleways for the Green Square urban renewal area.

Green Square street network

Construction updates

Joynton Avenue upgrade and Zetland Avenue (east)

Joynton Avenue is in a flood zone.

Works are underway to raise the level of level of Joynton Avenue between Hansard and Elizabeth streets by around 1.7 metres to minimise the risk of flash flooding.

The work is being carried out in stages.

At the same time, we have started construction on the new Zetland Avenue. This will be a 36-metre-wide tree-lined boulevard and a central transport corridor for all modes of transport.

This first stage of work will be for the eastern part of the avenue from Joynton Avenue to Victoria Park Parade.

We expect all the roadworks to be completed by 2020.

Planning is also underway to build stormwater pipes under Joynton Avenue to mitigate smaller flood flows

Contact: Green Square Community Relations on 1800 300 005 or

Portman Street upgrade and Zetland Avenue (west)

The City recently consulted with the community about this project.

Community feedback was reported at the November 2018 meeting of the Local Pedestrian, Cycling and Traffic Calming Committee. The proposed upgrade was approved at this meeting.

Contact: Green Square Community Relations on 1800 300 005 or

Green Square to Ashmore connector

We are building a new street connecting Green Square to Ashmore. The new street will connect Geddes Avenue in the Green Square town centre with Bowden Street in Alexandria. It will also link to Botany Road, O'Riordan Street and Bourke Road.

The road will include a separated cycleway, and provide better access for people walking and using public transport.

We consulted the community and exhibited a review of environmental factors, in early 2018.

We expect work to be complete in 2021.

The street’s name will be chosen in line with community feedback closer to its completion date.

Contact: Green Square Community Relations on 1800 300 005 or

The new Green Square to Randwick cycle link provides more space and a safer route for people cycling and walking along Epsom Road.

The link includes a separated cycleway between Joynton and Dalmeny avenues, a redesigned signal intersection at Dalmeny Avenue and Epsom Road, shared paths on Joynton Avenue, and new trees, shrubs and grasses.

In future this link will continue into the Randwick council area along Lenthall Street, Kensington, connecting the eastern suburbs with Green Square.

This link is part of the Randwick to Marrickville regional route.

View the Green Square cycling map.

Botany Road streetscape upgrade

We are upgrading a section of the east side of Botany Road next to the Green Square library.

Works include replacing the existing median, barricades and minor asphalt works to Botany Road.

We will also upgrade the public footway in front of the library and plaza, plant street trees, re-pave the footway and reinstate the bus stop and shelter.

Contact: Tim George, City of Sydney Project Manager, on 02 9265 9703 or