The Drying Green

A community park for Green Square.

Wool washing was one of the first industries to develop in Green Square in 1815. The sandy soil was perfect for growing thick conch grass used for drying greens. Fleeces were spread over acres of ground to dry naturally – the fluffy white wool looking like snow.

The City has named Green Square’s central park The Drying Green in celebration of its industrial past. Lawns, trees, barbecues and shade structures will create a wonderful place for friends and family to gather and play.

We’re building a sports area where you can play ball, spaces for picnics and birthday parties and quiet corners to sunbathe or spend time on your own.

A newly commissioned public artwork by Kerrie Poliness will merge with the natural growth of the park and create an engaging geometric yet organic pathway through the area.

“There are few more attractive sights than the drying green. The wool is dried in the open, which gives it a brightness and lustre no European wool can get. It is as if these large stretches of ground are covered in snow.”Sydney Mail, 1899

Lakeside wool wash and drying green at Botany, 1899 Image: Courtesy of State Library NSW