Landcom and Mirvac

OVO by mirvac

The NSW Government has appointed Landcom (formerly UrbanGrowth NSW) to plan and deliver the Green Square development.

Landcom is the largest developer on site.

A partnership between Landcom and the City of Sydney allows the City to contribute expertise in strategic planning, design and community engagement. Landcom has worked to address Green Square’s complex planning and infrastructure constraints to unlock opportunities for private development.

The Landcom development covers a 5 hectare area, allowing for around 1,800 residential dwellings, about 14,000sqm of retail space and 48,600sqm of commercial space.

Landcom with Mirvac Green Square, its development manager, will deliver a large part of the new town centre. This includes the majority of retail and commercial spaces, the location gateway on Bourke Street, and Ebsworth Street for the signature 28 storey development, Ovo.