Safe City

Safe City

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We’ve put together a community update for social housing tenants in our area.

It provides information about health, safety and support.

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Making Sydney a safer place

Safe City is a multi-faceted program to address the safety and security issues of people who live, study, work or visit the local area.

We work together with police, residents and community groups to address identified safety concerns.

The focus is on preventing crime and helping to make Sydney a safer place. Some of the work so far includes:

  • developing agreements between police and licensed venues to reduce underage drinking and anti-social behaviour
  • developing a syringe management strategy to improve drug safety
  • increasing street safety cameras in known crime hotspots
  • working with communities in city villages to resolve specific crime and safety concerns
  • releasing educational campaigns to promote safety and encourage the reporting of crime
  • support for social housing residents.


Safe City's crime prevention campaigns have considerably reduced theft in the local area. The campaigns provide simple reminders to visitors, workers and residents in the local area to take precautions so their personal property is protected from opportunistic crime.

The campaigns have addressed offences such as theft from individuals and motor vehicles.

Campaign materials that are available include:

  • magnets
  • brochures
  • business cards.


Safe City02 9265 9333


NSW Police: Crime prevention

Last updated: Wednesday, 27 May 2020