Late-night trading in Sydney

Late-night trading in Sydney


Following community consultation, Council has approved changes to the planning controls for late-night trading in Sydney. View the changes

Project update:

Following community consultation, Council has approved changes to the planning controls for late-night trading in Sydney.

View the Council decision.

Community consultation: 26 February to 30 March 2018

From 26 February to 30 March 2018, we asked for your feedback on late-night trading in Sydney.

We asked for your views on where and when late-night trading should happen in Sydney.

Consultation activities included telephone and online surveys, pop-up consultation events and a mobile phone engagement app.

The main themes that emerged from the public consultation included:

  • Strong support for trading hours for late-night premises across the city to increase, particularly in Green Square, Broadway and parts of Surry Hills.
  • Support for maintaining or increasing the size of late-night trading areas across the city, while ensuring popular precincts like Newtown remain safe and sustainable.
  • Strong support for more diverse, late-night businesses including shops, restaurants, cafes, small bars, live music and performance spaces and cultural venues across the city.
  • Strong support for increased late-night activity in fast-growing parts of the city such as Green Square. 

You can read more about the consultation results:

City staff are reviewing consultation outcomes and considering changes to the Late Night Trading Development Control Plan. Staff will prepare a report to Council recommending any new controls and these recommendations will be placed on public exhibition.

The community will be invited to again review our proposals and tell us what they think.

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Project background

In 2007 Council adopted the late night trading premises development control plan to encourage late-night trading while managing potential adverse impacts on residential and other sensitive land uses.

The plan identifies areas with different base trading hours, depending on the location and character of the area. It promotes ongoing good management of late-night trading.

Late night trading areas include:

  • late-night management areas – with the possibility of 24 hour trading
  • city living areas – with base trading hours from 7am to 5am the next day
  • local centres – with base trading hours from 8am to midnight.Trading hours can be adjusted beyond the base trading hours above, after successfully completing trial periods.

The plan also identifies premises as high impact, which includes licensed premises such as hotels, nightclubs and clubs catering for more than 120 patrons or low impact, such as small bars or licensed restaurants catering for less than 120 patrons.

A lot has changed since we set our plans for late-night trading 10 years ago:

Last updated: Wednesday, 22 May 2019