When a DA is required

When a DA is required

Development applications

A development application is a formal request to build or modify your home or business site. Most development in the City of Sydney area requires approval.

The state government and the City of Sydney are the approval bodies for development in our area.

Development may include:

Exempt and complying development

Some minor development, called exempt development, doesn’t require our approval.

Exempt development may include:

  • barbecues
  • small fences
  • satellite dishes
  • small decks.

Certain types of development may be approved through another process. These fall under complying development and may include:

  • 1 or 2-storey homes
  • alterations and additions
  • outbuildings.

Heritage works without consent

Approval is still required for certain development to be carried out to heritage items or within heritage conservation areas.


For general planning advice you can make an appointment to speak to a duty planner. Duty planner appointments are only available at our Town Hall Customer Service Centre.

Last updated: Wednesday, 1 July 2020