Battery, mobile and light bulb recycling

Battery, mobile and light bulb recycling

Recycling stations

Batteries, mobile phones and light bulbs don’t belong in your bin.

If they end up in landfill, they can leach toxic chemicals into our soil and possibly even contaminate the groundwater table, the source of our drinking water. Gulp! Some also contain valuable resources, like precious metals.

You can now drop off your old batteries, mobiles, and light bulbs for recycling at the following locations:

Customer service centres


A battery character saying, 'In my next life, I could be bling!'

Resources are recovered from 99% light bulbs, 98% mobiles, 50% batteries

Our contractor, MRI E-cycle Solutions, collects and recycles the items locally, using state-of-the-art processes and facilities.

Batteries, mobiles and light bulbs

Old batteries, mobile phones and light bulbs

What you can recycle

  • Batteries: Small handheld batteries rechargeable and non-rechargeable from any brand, AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, 6V lantern and watch batteries. 
  • Mobiles: All types of mobile phones – including smart phones – plus their chargers, cables, batteries and accessories. Keep the battery in the phone.
  • Light bulbs: Compact fluorescents, halogens, and LEDs.

What we can’t accept

  • Big batteries, like car batteries.
  • No large lamps or fluorescent tubes.

Take these items along to a chemical drop-off day near you.

Used car batteries can be taken to most Super Cheap Auto and Repco Auto Parts stores.

What these items can become

In their next life:

  • old batteries can come back as brand new ones
  • mobile phones can be taken apart for bits of gold, silver, and copper
  • light bulbs can be broken down and recycled into glass wool insulation and mercury.

What to do with 'problem' items

Problem waste is stuff that can’t be easily recycled and doesn't break down in landfill, such as electronic waste.

If you have bigger electronic items, you can drop them off at our quarterly e-waste drop-off days.

Outside the local area, all TVs, computers, monitors, printers and computer accessories can be recycled at Randwick City Council’s recycling centre at Matraville for free.

You can also drop off your TVs at Harvey Norman in Broadway, Alexandria, Bondi Junction and Moore Park and computer equipment can be taken to Officeworks in Alexandria and Glebe.

For bigger chemical items like paints, gas bottles and solvents, drop them off at a chemical drop-off day.


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Last updated: Monday, 3 December 2018