How to apply

How to apply

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You can now apply for your residential parking permit online.

It's easy and convenient. Follow the link below to get started.

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Application process

To get a parking permit for your parking area in the City of Sydney, you can apply online (resident and business permits only) or download an application for your required permit or find out more before you apply:

Residential parking permits Business parking permits Visitor parking permits Tradesperson visitor parking permits Support worker parking permits Carers parking permits

Before you apply, you may want to know more about:

New parking policy Parking permit area maps Parking permit fees


City of Sydney02 9265 9333

Changes to your permit and temporary permits

Depending on your circumstances please review the most relevant section below. If you have any questions, contact the City.

Temporary replacement cars, moving house

If your vehicle is damaged or stolen, and you are using a replacement vehicle, the City will issue an interim permit for up to 3 months. Contact the City for more information..

If you are moving into the City of Sydney local area and want to get a permit before you change your address details, you can apply for a temporary parking permit if you are moving to an eligible property. If you are moving to the city with a car that has interstate registration, see below.

Transferring permits: new cars, different cars

If you get a new car and you have a current permit, we will cancel your original permit and issue you a new permit free of charge. This also applies if you want to transfer your permit to a different vehicle. Contact the City to update your details and to obtain your new permit.

Swapping permits between cars

Parking permits can't be swapped between vehicles because the permit displays your car registration. Your permit must be permanently affixed to the lower passenger side of the windscreen of the vehicle for which it has been issued. If you bring home different vehicles from your workplace each night, or if you have borrowed a vehicle that’s registered in someone else’s name, you are not eligible for a permit. If you wish to permanently transfer a permit from one vehicle to another, contact the City.

Replacing lost or damaged permits

If your original permit is lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged, you can apply for a replacement permit.  Contact the City.

Cancelling permits

If you advise us that you wish to cancel and return your resident permit (for example, because you sell your car or move house) at least 3 months before it is due to expire, the City will refund 50% of the fee. Refunds will be processed in 10 working days by cheque or direct deposit only.

Moving from interstate to the city

If your vehicle is registered interstate and you’re moving to the City of Sydney local area, we’ll issue you with a temporary resident parking permit valid for 3 months. You’ll need to provide us with a copy of the car’s original registration certificate. When you’ve changed your registration and licence to NSW (you must do so within 3 months), we’ll change your temporary parking permit to a permanent one.

It is compulsory to change your car registration to NSW, but it is not compulsory to change your licence to NSW. If you do not wish to change your driver’s licence to NSW, you will need to provide us with 2 types of identification.

If the vehicle registered interstate is a company car, then a yearly permit may be issued if your application includes a letter (on company letterhead) that’s signed by an appropriate company officer. It should state that you normally use the vehicle and that it is registered interstate in the company name.

Last updated: Wednesday, 1 July 2020