Greening your business

Greening your business

Going green makes good business sense

Working towards a sustainable future is a founding principle of the City’s Sydney 2030 vision to make our city as green, global and connected as possible by 2030.

Greening your Business is a core element of our vision, offering 5 programs designed to help Sydney’s business sector operate with greater environmental awareness:

The City's building tune-up program has replaced the smart green business program, which ran from 2009 to 2015. The program helped 581 businesses save over 15,000 tonnes of carbon emissions and almost $5 million a year.

Our aim is to be internationally recognised as an outstanding environmental performance leader, with new green industries driving economic growth.

Sydney’s sustainable office plan

Sydney’s sustainable office building plan calls on building owners and tenants to reap the benefits of efficient buildings running on renewable energy.

Sydney’s commercial office building sector includes some of the most innovative buildings in the country with leading examples of environmental design and performance. However, the sector still has a significant environmental impact that has to be addressed – innovation and improvements by sector leaders need to be reproduced by others in the sector, especially building tenants.

By working together, we can accelerate net zero emissions buildings and harness the economic and social benefits.

Our plan sets out the policy settings that the City believes will lead to a widespread low carbon transformation of the office building sector.

It also outlines actions for all in the sector such as:

  • using and promoting environmental ratings
  • cost-effective retrofits
  • owners engaging tenants for whole building performance
  • on-site solar or procuring renewable energy, leaders commit to net zero
  • connecting to recycled water where possible.  

Making Sydney a sustainable destination

Our plan to make Sydney a sustainable destination sets a vision for our city to be recognised globally as a sustainable destination for business and holidays.

Sydney’s accommodation and entertainment sector is a major contributor to our city’s economy. The sector’s energy, waste and water-intensive operations are also big contributors to our environmental footprint.

There is a growing demand for sustainable tourism and business travel destinations, and with an improvement in environmental performance, Sydney’s hotels and entertainment operators will be well positioned to take advantage of this.

Together, we can build Sydney’s reputation as a leading sustainable destination for tourists and business travellers.

Our plan outlines actions for the sector such as:

  • using and promoting environmental ratings
  • improving waste management
  • cost-effective retrofits
  • on-site solar or procuring renewable energy
  • connecting to recycled water where possible. 

Commercial building improvement guide

The business case for commercial building upgrades and tune-ups is well-established. Upgrades deliver significant operational cost savings, improve asset value and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The commercial building improvement guide, is a 6 step introductory guide to upgrading your building, from consideration and baseline assessment to financing, implementation and ongoing management.

The guide also provides an extensive list of resources to assist with the upgrade process.