Recycling responsibly

Chemical CleanOut

Any unwanted chemicals you have in your home should be disposed of safely.

The safest approach is to take them to one of the several Chemical CleanOut events in Sydney, run by the NSW Environmental Protection Authority.

Accepted chemicals include paints, pesticides, swimming pool chemicals, aerosols and many more.


E-waste doesn’t belong in the bin. As well as putting more pressure on limited landfill capacity, e-waste can be hazardous as it contains toxic materials.

To keep recyclable e-waste out of landfill, the City of Sydney offers free quarterly drop-off days. Be sure to mark the next date for e-waste drop-offs in your calendar.

An old vacuum cleaner and TV.

Recycling batteries, mobiles and light bulbs

Batteries, mobiles and light bulbs

You can now drop off your old batteries, mobiles and light bulbs at customer service centres and our libraries.

If these items end up in landfill, they can leach toxic chemicals into our soil and possibly even contaminate the groundwater table, the source of our drinking water. Some also contain valuable resources, like precious metals.

An old tin of paint and bottle of household cleaner.

Paint can is fuming. Some guy has put him in the garbage bin. Will he swear toxic revenge? Watch the video to find out. And remember, paints can be volatile.
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Last updated: Tuesday, 3 July 2018