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Book a pick-up

Booking a pick-up

If you have a mix of items like furniture, whitegoods, and e-waste, save time by using this form.

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Did you know that chucking out your unwanted items on the street is illegal? You could be fined $500 for it (up to $2,200 in some cases). Stuff left out can also get in the way and mess up the look of your street.

There are better ways to get rid of your junk, like donating or reselling. You can also use our free pick-up service.

How it works

From 1 July 2019 we are changing bulky item collection days in some areas of the city. These changes will help us better serve our communities.

We pick up furniture, mattresses, whitegoods and e-waste for City of Sydney local residents.

Your items need to be separated into these categories when you put them out because they go to different waste processing facilities.

Your collection day depends on where you live and the day and date will be confirmed when the booking is made.

Collections happen every day and bookings are essential.

Before you book

If you live in an apartment, check with your building manager or caretaker as they can help to manage bookings for your whole block.

Mattress bookings

An old mattress

We recycle mattresses. Really, we do. The sad and humble used mattress is the most commonly ‘dumped’ item on city streets. They contain steel, wood and foam and we make sure they are saved from ending up in landfill.

Book a mattress pick-up  

We pick up

  • Mattresses in any size and condition
  • Mattresses of any type such as foam, latex and futon
  • Bed base ensembles (these are fabric-covered bed bases)

We don't pick up

  • Wooden or metal bedheads, frames or slats – we can pick these up but please book them under furniture or metal items. This is because they go to different facilities

What can they become?

Mattresses get recycled and it’s surprising what can be recovered from them. Steel springs become scrap metal, the foam can become carpet underlay, and the fabric and felt pads can be recycled into boxing bags!

Bulky items and furniture bookings

Couch and bundled organics

The best thing you can do is consider donating or selling your furniture, if it’s in good knick. You can also visit the Bower’s Reuse site to find out what you can do with unwanted household items. They have a collection and rehoming service as well as excellent ideas on what you can do with your furniture.

Otherwise, our service picks up most furniture items.

Items do not get recycled as most of it is in poor condition.

Book a bulky items or furniture pick-up  

We pick up

  • Furniture - tables, chairs, sofas/lounges, wardrobes, bookshelves
  • Mats and small rugs (small ones or cut into 1m lengths) - no carpet, please
  • Bundled and tied garden waste that can't fit into a bin
  • Wooden barbecues (Barbecues with both wooden and metal parts)

We don't pick up

  • Bags of rubbish
  • Building, renovation or demolition material – carpet, bricks, rubble, dirt, piping, roofing panels, doors, plasterboard, tiles, girders, timber, fencing
  • Hazardous materials – paints, chemicals, flammable liquids, poisons
  • Motor oil or cooking oil
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Tree stumps or branches thicker than 10cm (our trucks can’t handle it)
  • Tyres
Drop off your e-waste. Electronic waste such as televisions and computers are recycled through the City's regular e-waste drop-off days

Metals, whitegoods and e-waste  bookings

An old washing machine and fridge.

Whitegoods and metal parts get recycled. Just imagine, your fridge could turn into train tracks, scaffolding or it could even be used for building boats.

Book a metal, whitegoods or e-waste pick-up

We pick up

  • Fridges, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and ovens
  • E-waste, including televisions and laptops
  • Appliances - vacuum cleaners and kitchen appliances (anything with a cord or battery)
  • Metal heaters and hot water systems
  • Lawnmowers (empty of fuel)
  • Metal barbecues – barbecues made from metal only (we pick up barbecues with wooden parts but please book them under furniture. This is because they go to different facilities)
  • Gym equipment – bikes, trampolines, weight benches and treadmills
  • Steel ladders
  • Ironing boards

We don't pick up

  • Any sort of car parts – no motor oil, batteries and tyres either
  • Gas bottles
  • Building materials – no roofing panels, metal doors/frames, girders
  • Hazardous materials – paints, chemicals, flammable liquids, poisons

Preparing for the pick-up

It’s important to follow the rules. It keeps our workers and your neighbours safe. We can’t pick up items that are not properly prepped.

  • Separate your metal items, whitegoods and e-waste from your furniture as they are picked up by different trucks
  • Use tape to seal fridge/oven doors (to protect children)
  • Wrap and label sharp or dangerous items like mirrors and glass
  • Cut large rugs into 1m lengths, roll and tie them with string or tape. Otherwise, they can jam our compactors
  • Put small items into boxes, loose materials won’t be collected
  • If you live in a house, keep your pick-up to 1 cubic metre per booking (about a box trailer load).
  • For apartments, the limit per booking is 4 cubic metres.

Once you’ve prepared your items, put them out in the street the night before. Choose a place on the street that doesn’t block the footpath or get in the way of vehicles and bicycles (we can’t pick up from private property).

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Last updated: Tuesday, 4 June 2019