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Collection days and times

Collections for both rubbish (red lid) and recycling bins (yellow lid) occur weekly (or sometimes several times a week for larger and high-rise apartment buildings).

We'll collect your garden organics (green lid) bin every second week on the same day as your red lid and yellow lid bin.

Bins are emptied any time from 6am to 6pm on the collection day.

Public holidays: bins will be collected on all public holidays including Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Collection day map and calendar

If you live in a house or small apartment block in the City of Sydney local area, you can enter your street address in the search bar or zoom into the map to find your collection day and download a collection day calendar.

If you live in an apartment check with your building manager about your collection day.

If you're a building manager or caretaker of a larger or high-rise apartment building, please phone our customer service team on 02 9265 9333 to confirm your collection day(s). Your bins may be collected 2 or 3 times a week.

Please note this map shows your collection day and calendar for rubbish, recycling and garden organics bins only.

If you're participating in the food scraps recycling trial you can check your collection day.

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Get it right on bin night

  • Place bins out the night before collection day. Bins should be near the kerb, where they won’t block pedestrian, bicycle or vehicle access.
  • Place all waste in your bins. Extra rubbish and bags left next to the bin won’t be collected.
  • Don’t overfill your bin – make sure the lid closes easily. Overfilled bins are hard to empty, and spilled litter attracts pests and vermin.
  • Don’t pack bins too tightly. Collection vehicles won't pick up heavy bins.
  • Bring bins back in within 24 hours of collection and store them on your property. Bins left on the street or footpath can be a safety hazard, or create litter when accidentally knocked over.
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