Business regulations

Business regulations

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Rules and regulations 

Businesses in the city need to abide by a number of Council regulations. 

You may need to get a permit to conduct business in the City of Sydney local area. 

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We welcome the life and colour buskers bring to the local area, from playing music, singing and dancing to all sorts of performances that entertain the public. If you are a busker, this section provides the key information you need to get busking in central Sydney and surrounds.

Holding outdoor events

You can apply to hold temporary events and wedding ceremonies or book a sports event at one of our parks and open spaces.

Filming and photography permits

Film and camera crews may need permits to operate in parts of the city.

Food and drink businesses

To operate in the city, food and drink businesses need to a pass a number of regulations.

Health and safety

Health and safety regulations ensure our city remains a great place to live, work and visit.

Sex industry premises

Special regulations cover operators in Sydney's sex-related industries.


The City's markets policy establishes a framework for the City to approve markets, which outlines to market operators the level of commitment needed and provides a step-by-step process to help new market operators.

Late trading businesses

Unlicensed businesses